Bettie Raege

Bettie Raege
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Bettie Raege
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I grew up listening to oldies that my father’s band and him played. Id help my grandfather in the garage where he built antique cars from the frame up. I always felt like i belonged back in an older era. Family values meant something, life was simpler, music was amazing, clothing/fashion was classy and seductive, yet not provocative. I have a perchant for all things vintage, along with what i grew up with led me to doing pinup. Pinup is my way of expressing my true self and empowering other women to so as well. I grew up being bullied and picked on; so when I got older I was very insecure about myself then I found pinup.

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Retro lovely, Passion Pinups, Smitten Kitten, Rocket magazine
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