Faye Fatale
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The lady is a vamp.
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Dancer, pinup goth, actress--the Bay Area’s resident femme fatale is a real triple threat! Starting in 2013 with two seasons of Creepy KOFY Movie Time, Faye is a veteran of the local horror scene, appearing on Psychotropic Theater, Circus of Chaos, Creature Features, and Shadow Circus Creature Theatre. With a confident strut and a pair of very high heels, Faye is following in the footsteps of other San Francisco horror hosts like the legendary Bob Wilkins and John Stanley. Her unique combination of brains, beauty, kookiness, and spookiness has made her a real fan favorite. That’s why the lady is a vamp!

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San Francisco
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Pink Bow City, Bombshell Magazine, Modern Day Pinup, Retro Lovely