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Easy riders centerfold,
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cabaret dancer at LUCKY LADY CABARET, internet chat model for myfreecams, published Easy riders centerfold and spokesmodel, Gold avenger for,, always looking for cool photographers to shoot with...

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Kansas City
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LEG SHOW, LEG SEX, BUSY; GENT, lucky lady cabaret club advertisement
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As someone who has always had a draw towards anything 1950's style, Ava Grace finally got her first pin up photo shoot done about 8 years ago. Since then it has just been casual pin up shoots, small to large car shows and lots of victory rolls! This year 2023, she has gone 'official' and attended her first Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend, hosted a pin up photo shoot for seniors (which turned into a calendar) and has started to engage with the pin up community!
📸 Pin-Up Model: Striking poses that can stop time and turn heads, this bombshell is the epitome of vintage glamor and modern allure. Bringing retro vibes to the forefront, she's the living embodiment of a classic beauty with a dash of contemporary flair.
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🌟 Unapologetically Fabulous: Meet the Queen of Multifaceted Spice! 🌟

📸 Pin-Up Model: Striking poses that can stop time and turn heads, this bombshell is the epitome of vintage glamor and modern allure. Bringing retro vibes to the forefront, she's the living embodiment of a classic beauty with a dash of contemporary flair.
💪 Life Coach: Armed with a no-nonsense attitude and a hefty dose of tough love, she fearlessly guides souls towards self-empowerment and personal growth. With her as your coach, you'll be kicking down doors and breaking through barriers like a boss!
🌍 Adventurer: Climbing mountains, exploring hidden wonders, and chasing adrenaline rushes are just a few of her daily escapades, especially when she’s travelling! This intrepid soul lives for adventure, and there's no challenge too big or too wild for her to conquer.
💼 Contract Facilitator: Currently working with 2 contracts including one that is a ‘Seniors storytelling and life coaching’ program and one that is facilitating life skills, leadership skills and employability support for Indigenous bands around BC, this professional facilitator can engage any group and keep dry or boring material fun and refreshed!
📚 Published Author: Her words dance off the page and captivate the mind. With two published anthologies under her belt, she has an uncanny ability to tell stories that resonate deeply and leave you craving more.
🎤 Public Speaker: Commanding the stage with charisma and wit, she mesmerizes audiences with her electric presence and thought-provoking insights. When she speaks, you'll be hanging on every word, guaranteed!
🏡 Tiny Home Living: Living large in a tiny home, she proves that size doesn't matter when it comes to comfort and style. From minimalist chic to cozy elegance, her tiny abode is an inspiration to all those seeking to downsize and embrace simplicity.
✈️ Traveler: With a passport that's practically worn out from stamps, she's a jet-setting nomad with an insatiable wanderlust. From bustling cities to remote corners of the world, she's explored it all and left her mark.
👩‍👧 Mom: Despite her son being an adult and living on his own already, this mama bear is still fully in force. Helping her son live his very best life, she supports him more from afar these days but is still actively involved in his world.

So buckle up, darlings! This multifaceted maven is here to dazzle, inspire, and conquer the world—one sassy step at a time. Welcome to the rollercoaster ride that is her extraordinary life! 💋🌟

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Sunny D-lite
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Pretty Pin Up by Day and professional Burlesque Performer by night!

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Gypsy Rose Lee – Historical Pin Up
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Rose Louise Hovick
January 8, 1911
Seattle, Washington, U.S.

April 26, 1970 (aged 59)
Los Angeles, California, U.S.

Actress, author, playwright, vedette, dancer, entertainer

Years active


Robert Mizzy
(m. 1937; div. 1941)
Alexander Kirkland
(m. 1942; div. 1944)
Julio de Diego
(m. 1948; div. 1955)


John Olaf Hovick
Rose Thompson Hovick

June Havoc (sister)

Gypsy Rose Lee was born in Seattle, Washington, on January 8, 1911; however, she always gave January 9 as her date of birth. She was known as Louise to her family. Her sister, actress June Havoc, was born in 1912. Their mother, Rose Thompson Hovick, forged various birth certificates for each of her daughters—older when needed to evade varying state child labor laws, and younger for reduced or free train fares. The girls were unsure until later in life what their years of birth were.
Louise's singing and dancing talents were insufficient to sustain the act without June. Eventually, it became apparent that Louise could make money in burlesque, which earned her legendary status as an elegant and witty striptease artist. Initially, her act was propelled forward when a shoulder strap on one of her gowns gave way, causing her dress to fall to her feet despite her efforts to cover herself; encouraged by the audience's response, she went on to make the trick the focus of her performance.

Her innovations were an almost casual stripping style compared to the herky-jerky styles of most burlesque strippers (she emphasized the "tease" in "striptease"), and she brought a sharp sense of humor into her act as well. She became as famous for her onstage wit as for her stripping style, and—changing her stage name to Gypsy Rose Lee—she became one of the biggest stars of Minsky's Burlesque, where she performed for four years. She was frequently arrested in raids on the Minsky brothers' shows. During the Great Depression, Lee spoke at various union meetings in support of New York laborers. According to activist Harry Fisher, her talks were among those that attracted the largest audiences.

In 1937 and 1938, billed as Louise Hovick, she made five films in Hollywood. But her acting was generally panned, so she returned to New York City where she had an affair with film producer Michael Todd and co-produced and appeared in his 1942 musical revue, Star and Garter.

Lee viewed herself as a "high-class" stripper, and she approved of H. L. Mencken's term "ecdysiast", which he coined as a more "dignified" way of referring to the profession. Her style of intellectual recitation while stripping was spoofed in the number "Zip!" in Rodgers and Hart's Pal Joey, a musical in which Havoc had appeared on Broadway, opposite Gene Kelly. Lee performed an abbreviated version of her act (intellectual recitation and all) in the 1943 film Stage Door Canteen.

In 1941, Lee authored a mystery thriller called The G-String Murders, which was made into the sanitized 1943 film, Lady of Burlesque starring Barbara Stanwyck. While some assert this was in fact ghost-written by Craig Rice, there are those who claim that there is more than sufficient written evidence in the form of manuscripts and Lee's own correspondence to prove that she wrote a large part of the novel herself under the guidance of Rice and others, including her editor George Davis, a friend, and mentor. Lee's second murder mystery, Mother Finds a Body, was published in 1942. In December 1942, preliminary papers alleging breach of contract were filed in the Supreme Court against Lee by Dorothy Wheelock, associate editor of Harper's Bazaar, alleging that in August 1940 she and Gypsy entered into what Wheelock described as "an oral agreement to collaborate on a joint venture involving the conception, construction, development, writing, and exploitation of a literary work with a burlesque background. The agreement, Miss Wheelock went on, called for a 50:50 split on all income from sale of the book. She charged that she had lined up a publisher for the book when, in November 1940, Gypsy called off the collaboration ... Lee said she turned over notes and other material to Miss Wheelock and that the latter had then written 'a sample book'. However this sample book is not the book that was published, Gypsy declared. She denied any resemblance between Miss Wheelock's book and the book published under her own name, except such similarities might stem from the notes Gypsy turned over to Miss Wheelock. Simon & Schuster agreed to publish the book, Gypsy said, after the first three chapters were shown to them by Janet Flanner, a New York writer". The case was settled out of court.

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