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Mayzie Mac
Pin Up Group Name: The Luscious Ladies
Short Bio: Hi! I’m Mayzie! I’m a vintage/retro pinup model based in Tampa Bay, Florida
Full Bio:

I have always had a love of vintage, and with finding the pinup/rockabilly lifestyle, I feel like I have finally found my place in this crazy world!

I’m a mom of six – 3 human kids and 3 dachshund puppies! When I’m not busy at home or modeling, I’m also a professional photographer. My Husband & I own Clearwater Pinup and Boudoir Photography.

Why “Mayzie”?
I am a HUGE Dr. Seuss fan. I have always loved all of his books – I grew up loving thim & have passed the love down to my children. I really wanted to use a name from one of his books, but unfortunately, there were only a handful of names I thought would fit for a pinup name. I ultimately settled on “Mayzie” from “Daisy-Head Mayzie” and “Mayzie La Bird”

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City: Clearwater
Pin Up Group Membership: The Luscious Ladies
Published in the Following Publications: Retro Lovely Magazine, Bombshell, Atomic Planet, Smitten Kitten Magazine
Rockabilly Red
Pin Up Group Name: Vero Beach Pin Up
Full Bio:

I am a lifelong lover of the vintage style. As long as I can remember I’ve always loved the elegance and glamor of retro and vintage clothing. As a child I remember playing with my grandmother’s aprons and getting dressed up in her beautiful dresses. Even today her style continues to inspire me. To me, the style just comes naturally and is now a part of my daily routine. It is who I am.
In my spare time I often enjoy baking. Whenever I’m creating cute and tasty treats I’m taken back to my time spent baking with my family. As a mother of two, the happy and joyful moments spent mixing up an old family recipe are countless.
I also love to let my creativity flow. Whether its through my drawing or creating handmade crafts, I often find myself with many projects on hand. From hair accessories to cigar purses there’s always something new I’m creating.
My style can often be described as a mix of both cute and creepy. My love of all things gothic and horror can sometimes mix and blend into my style. Around Halloween I love to get creative with my decorations and costume, finding the best mix of elegance and horror I can come up with.

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City: Palm Bay
Province: FL – Florida
Published in the Following Publications: Modern Day Pin Up Magazine volumes 1-3