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Adelaide Blaine
Short Bio: Army Veteran turned pinup 😉
Full Bio:

I’ve always loved the vintage/pinup style. From the cars to the clothes, its always been so fascinating to me.

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City: Virginia Beach
Published in the Following Publications: Retro Lovely # 30 and Smitten Kitten
Billie Jayne DeVille
Full Bio:

Hey, Sugar! My name is Billie Jayne DeVille. I was born and raised a Georgia Peach but I now
call South Carolina my home. I’m a full-time artist/pinstriper and a total sucker for whitewall
tires and big tailfins! When I’m not painting, you can find me cruising in my 53 Chevy, my 55
Cadillac or in the shop getting down and dirty with my 58 Plymouth restoration project!

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City: Anderson
Published in the Following Publications: Retro Lovely, Delicious Dolls, Bombshell Magazine, Garters & Grills, Smitten Kitten, Grease Magazine
Milkshaker by Girlie Show Photography
Full Bio:

Lyndah Pizarro is reality TV personality with a love for all things Pin Up. Lyndah is globally syndicated thanks to her starring role on the hit TV show Operation Repo. Well know for being aired all across the globe and in numerous countries, Lyndah then took her notoriety to different areas where she found much success such as starting her own clothing link known as Pink Pizza, starting her own skin care line known as Lyndah face and make up known as Lyndah Beauty. Lyndah decided to then take a shot at modeling. After trying different genres if modeling, she finally landed where she was always meant to land, in the Pin up world. Since her first photo shoot as a pin up model with Girlie Show photography, Lyndah has been published twice in RetroLovely Magazine and can also be found in Pin Up Kulture Magazine. Then in 2020, Lyndah found herself in her very first international publication with BombShell Magazine.

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City: 83648
Published in the Following Publications: RetroLovely Magazine, Pin Up Kulture Magazine, BombShell Magazine
Unicorn bitch
Short Bio: Hi! I live in Cuba and I’m a big fan of pin-up and rockabilly aesthetics, which is very rare here, I’ll love to meet more people who are interested in the vintage style.
Full Bio:

From Cuba, age 31, work as a bartender in Havana in bar melodrama, love books and music, and of course everything that smells vintage.

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City: Havana vieja
Province: La Habana
Published in the Following Publications: Completely amateur!
Venus Candy
Pin Up Group Name: venus candy
Short Bio: cabaret dancer / internet chat model
Full Bio:

veteran cabaret dancer, internet chat model, played adult gold avenger for SHC

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City: Kansas City
Published in the Following Publications:, lucky lady cabaret club advertisement
Bettie Raege
Full Bio:

I grew up listening to oldies that my father’s band and him played. Id help my grandfather in the garage where he built antique cars from the frame up. I always felt like i belonged back in an older era. Family values meant something, life was simpler, music was amazing, clothing/fashion was classy and seductive, yet not provocative. I have a perchant for all things vintage, along with what i grew up with led me to doing pinup. Pinup is my way of expressing my true self and empowering other women to so as well. I grew up being bullied and picked on; so when I got older I was very insecure about myself then I found pinup.

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City: Pottsville
Pin Up Group Membership: Atomic Aces Pinup Social Club
Published in the Following Publications: Passion Pinups, Smitten Kitten, Rocket magazine
Laina Louise
Full Bio:

I was born in Indiana but moved to Tennessee in my late teens. My mother introduced me to Marilyn Monroe at a very young age and I have been enamored with everything pin-up, vintage, and retro ever since. I started pin-up modeling in 2019 with my best friend and photographer Pamela Claytor. I have been very lucky to be a part of her vision and have her expertise along the way. I have been published 7 times so far and have 5 more publications coming up!

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City: Sparta
Province: TN
Published in the Following Publications: The Golden Exposure Inked Aug 2020 – RetroLovely Scrapbook Vol 10 – RetroLovely Heavy Ink No.5 – RetroLovely Taboo No. 34 – RetroLovely Hot Rods Special Edition Vol 1 – Bombshell October 2020 Book 1 – RetroMan Magazine Issue 3 Tiki Special Edition
Me with My De\'Lish Car
Short Bio: Meg De’Lish is an upstate New York pin up, who’s mission is to instill confidence and body positivity in women of all shapes, sizes, ages, and ability while raising money for worth causes.
Full Bio:

My name is Meg De’Lish, I have been a photographer for most of my life and a Pin Up model for about three years now. I believe the getting involved in causes you believe is an important part of being a pin up and an example for others. I do work to raise money and awareness with veteran’s groups and The Rolphie Fund, a charity that helps children in economic need. I also believe that only how beautiful you are matters. One of my biggest inspirations, Dita Von Teese, is older than me and she is still radiant, inspiring, and beautiful. I’m sure she will be for decades to come, and I want to be right there with her pushing the notion that beauty standards have anything to do with age. When I am older I will challenge the concept that only if you are young, in shape and have great skin can you be seen as beautiful, confident, and sexy. Women of all shapes and sizes are beautiful and sexy. To be beautiful, confident and sexy takes inner beauty, which should be a what women and girls strive for… being beautiful from the inside out. Remember, I’m De’Lish… and so are you.

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City: Cobleskill
Published in the Following Publications: Retro Lovely Magazine, Passion PinUps Magazine, Vivacious Vixens
Photo by @hayleyhruska
Short Bio: Montreal’s Curvy Cat
Full Bio:

Miss Meow, Montreal’s curvy cat, is an internationally published plus size model, event producer, and whisky loving bombshell! With a classic shake of her hips and a teasing gleam in her eye, she’ll make sure you purr with pleasure..

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City: Montreal
Published in the Following Publications: DARE Magazine, POSE Magazine, Daily Venus Diva, Ronde et Glamour, Cat’s Meow Magazine, Pinup Perfection Magazine, Lou Lou (online)
Photography by Glenn - Bulldog Images
Pin Up Group Name: Battlin’ Betties
Full Bio:

Sammi has been a lover of pin-up kulture from a young age. She attended many car shows with her family, and won her first hoola hoop contest at age 5. She also won the first beauty pageant she ever entered at age 7.

Her step-grandfather introduced her to Marilyn Monroe with his collection of dolls, movies, and life-size prop. After seeing the movie Some Like It Hot, Sammi fell in love with Marilyn! Then in her teenage years Sammi found Bettie Page and her love for pin-up grew even further!

Sammi has always been very photogenic and started modeling in 2003. She has continued to expand her love of being in front of the camera and vintage style to her artwork today.

Sammi also loves serving the community with the Battlin’ Betties Tennessee Platoon to help support Veterans, military, police officers, and first responders.

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City: Nashville
Province: TN
Pin Up Group Membership: Battlin’ Betties Tennessee Platoon
Published in the Following Publications: Bombshell, Retro Lovely, Rocket, Retro Man, Garters and Grills, Bombshell Betties, PinUp Kulture